We were so confident in the effectiveness of Professional Therapy MuscleCare, we decided to put it to the test. An independent randomized, clinically controlled double blind comparison study was conducted with 120 participants and four major national brand pain relievers.


  • MuscleCare Roll-on outperformed national brands tested in reduction of pain.
  • MuscleCare Roll-on statistically significantly outperformed the placebo in the same study.
  • Using average differentials from this study, MuscleCare Roll-on performed better in pain reduction compared to all national brands tested by as much as 1700%
  • “With respect to the inter-group comparisons, Professional Therapy MuscleCare roll-on showed significant increases in pressure threshold compared with Placebo and IcyHot.”
  • MuscleCare Roll-on and Ointment are all natural, safe, fast-acting, and carcinogen-free.
  • MuscleCare Roll-on and Ointment reduce pain, inflammation and muscle spasm.
  • MuscleCare Roll-on and Ointment are effective in treating a wide variety of muscle and joint conditions, In a 2-year clinical test, the following conditions showed improvement with the application of both MuscleCare Roll-on and Ointment:

acute & chronic lower back pain
shoulder pain and stiffness
neck pain and stiffness
elbow pain
wrist pain
knee pain and arthritis
ankle strain, sprain and arthritis
muscle tension and migraine headache
bursitis – knee-region focused
Morton’s neuroma
Facet Syndrome
Sacroiliac Syndrome
Disc herniation




Scientifically Proven

MuscleCare all natural topical outperforms leading national brands by 44% to 1700% in the first ever OTC topical comparative independent double-blind randomized scientific study. These are brands that until now, have monopolized the topical product category for nearly 100 years.


All Natural

MuscleCare products contain no colouring or dyes and are free from parabens and cancer causing preservatives. Parabens (synthetic estrogen mimickers commonly used as preservatives in creams and lotions) have been found in many types of cancers, are bioaccumulative and are potential endocrine disrupters.


Doctor Designed and Developed

MuscleCare was developed by Doctor Chris Oswald, with 25 years of clinical real-life experience treating muscle, joint and back pain. MuscleCare is an extension of the care that Dr. Chris as given to over one million adjustments and 10,000 new patients in the last 25 years.


Fully Licensed natural production

There are approximately 2500 labs in North America that manufacture natural products, but ironically only about 65 actually have appropriate licenses to do so. MuscleCare uses a premier lab in California that officially has all licenses to ensure a quality product.


Money Back Guarantee

Dr. Chris offers all of his customers a full Money Back Guarantee. In three years since launching his products, with sales all over the world, he has never once been asked for a refund.


Safe Alternative to Pain Pills

Why go through your stomach to target a sore neck or back? Pain medications can have negative side effects on your body including ulcers, heart attack, strokes and even death. MuscleCare is so safe that it has even been given the green light for use in pregnancy-related aches and pains.


Improved Absorption

We are the only topical pain product company to use Hydresia SF-2 natural Safflower oils that dramatically improve the absorption of our pain reducing ingredients as well they provide proprietary “burst technology ” that offers the only timed release pain reduction in topicals. This addition is also a powerful antioxidant and is 42% more hydrating than mineral oil.

Do your pain relief research,
we have!

Motherisk University of TORONTO study proves
Musclecare safe to use when pregnant or nursing.